Mrs. Barr and I are deeply appreciative and blessed to have had Dale Apodaca as our real estate agent.  His professionalism, patience, goodwill, skill, and absolute determination to serve our best interests made our long, challenging search come to a magnificent conclusion – our new home meets every one of our fondest desires!  Further, we cannot adequately express how strengthening it was during the journey through Sacramento’s troubling real estate market to know Dale was there for us every step of the way from search to close to move in, how we felt such tremendous relief to have Dale protecting “our back” 24/7, and how he kept our spirits up when we so often felt that all our joint efforts were coming to naught…except by saying this wonderful person of yours’ now is and will remain a dear friend to us.  Thank you.  Without a doubt, he is a first-rate champion of his clients!!

With every best regard and respect,

M. Barr



I wanted to acknowledge the outstanding service provided by Dale Apodaca during the recent sale of my brother's home in South Sacramento (the home is held in trust and I am the trustee).  My brother, who is disabled, has lived in the house since 1977 including on his own for the past two years since our mother passed away.  Needless to say, the sale was a very stressful time for him.  Dale went beyond just being our sales representative and demonstrated the greatest amount of sensitivity and compassion toward my brother, taking his numerous calls and answering an ongoing stream of questions.  In addition, as trustee, Dale kept me informed of these discussions and gave me his own impressions of how my brother was handling the stress of the sale, in effect shouldering part of a burden that I never expected, but for which I am very grateful.  Beyond all this, he gave us a realistic and well supported value for the home up front.  I think this was also a challenge as the house has an extensive amount of deferred maintenance.  By doing this, the sale was quick, something I was hoping for given the anxiety I knew it would cause my brother, not to mention the state of the housing market.  Rest assured, I would highly recommend Dale to anyone looking to sell in the Sacramento area. 
Mr. Kanowsky